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TEACHER TRAINING Dynamic Technique with Alex Allan

25.09. bis 29.09.
für Erwachsene

This 35hr training supports teachers in deepening their understand of both dynamic and c-shaping technique for vertical apparatus.

A primary goal of this Level 1 training is to aid teachers in safely and effectively helping their students bridge the gap between the fundamental dynamic beats and intermediate level dynamic transitions. The training will also spend a significant amount of time exploring foundational C-shaping techniques and pathways.
Through this training, participants will be provided with a comprehensive vocabulary of techniques, progressions, building blocks, transitions and strength building exercises to help their students master dynamic movement and roll up pathways. There will be a strong focus on developing the ability to see and identify common mistakes that inhibit progress as well as providing specific tools needed to help students find success. Teacher trainees will gain confidence in troubleshooting moves & giving feedback that will unlock their students potential.

• Comprehensive curriculum of foundational dynamic beats and transitions
• Fundamental C-shaping techniques and pathways for slow and fast rolling
• Accessible step-by-step building blocks and progressions for each skill
• spotting techniques
• Identifying and solving common problems in technical pathways
• Methodology for creating sequencing with dynamic vocabulary
• Theory lectures – Physics of momentum, principles of dynamic technique, learning styles and teaching strategies, shoulder anatomy and kinesiology, online coaching strategies, Sequencing theory

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